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New Franken

Red the Cow


Red, New Franken's signature cow, was put to death on Oct 28, 2003. Red was about 18 years of age. She lived a long life of being milked and harassing other cows. She set a good example for all the cows that will never forget her. She was a cow that was a pet to all around her. She could run out the door and feed herself out side and come back on call. Her death was caused by many recurring mastitis problems and old age.
Red the Cow was the oldest cow in New Franken, she was about 18 years old, she has been bred more than 13 times. She got the name red when she was younger, when in the pasture she would suckle on other cows, so she was given a red collar to keep tabs on, the red collar has been lost, but the still name stuck.