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New Franken

New Franken is now putting together a petition to send the Olympic comittee to allow scooterboarding to be an official summer Olympic event, and snowderboarding to be an official winter Olympic sport. With only 100,000 signatures the Olympic comittee said they would put it up to consideration.

The Scooterboards
L to R: racing 1,2,guardian, NF, snowterboard, AWK, pirate, princess, spiderman, harley, mini(front)

Scooterboards are the newest craze sweeping the world, anyone who wants to join the coolest new trend in riding technology, come to NF and request to have a scooterboard built, all we need is an old skateboard to convert into a masterpiece.

The AWK Board

Not only did New Franken invent the scooterboard but it is also making new scooterboarding technology to advance the sport of scooterboarding. To the left is the first innovation to the scooterboard, this AWK designed board is the first ever 3-wheeled scooterboard. With a front wheel that rotates 360 degrees the 3-wheeled AWK board can do things old scooterboards could never dream of when turning.

Pirate Board

The Pirate Board was the second innovation into the scooterboard, by making a more solid board all around we were able to make a two person board. YES, that's right, the Pirate Board does not only kick total and complete ass but it can ride two people. It comes complete with two sails, a rudder, a deck, a sword, and a bandana.

you may ask yourself how and where do we build these boards? well the answer to theat question is trial and error, by trial and error we have figured out how to build the perfect board, we just needed somewhere to try these things, and we find everything we need at Baenen Shop

Baenen Shop
where you go when something needs doing

Just ask Mikey B. the proud new owner of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Scooterboard