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NF Awards

Our Kindof Yearly New Franken Awards


NF pride award: Steve, for an undying love of country
Most honorable NFer - Nik Corsten, NF leader in training
Stupidest NFer - Chris Bauer
The NF whore - Jordan
The Dan Peggs "NAT COOL" award - Andrew "PeePee" Parsons
The Biggest NF wannabe - Victor
The Greatest town in the world award (1900-2005) - New Franken
NF pride award: Nik Corsten, for protecting the New Franken Tree
Most honorable NFer - "the Postmaster" Jeff LeCaptain, for many years of honorable service to the people of NF.
The biggest NF wannabe - Ryan Perrenboom
The NF Whore - Steve
The man with kids least likely to turn gay - Ron Corsten
The Honorary NFer of 2004 - Mike "Belch" The Germajo
The Greatest town in the world award (1900-2004) - New Franken
Tekno song:  Tale of Johnny the baggar By Steve C and Paul T
NF pride award: Dustin Baenen
The NF whore: Jolene Zahn
NF Movie - Cannibal The Musical
The Greatest town in the world award (1900-2003) - New Franken
Most Disfunctional Family: Nyman's (they aren't really NFers, but wow, disfunctional)
Band of the Year: Andrew W.K.
The award for most annoyed of a seemingly normal words (crotch, Aluminum) Ashley Hoffman
The NF whore:  Jolene Zahn
NF movie: Go Down Yonder Mr. Bear
The Greatest town in the world award (1900-2002) - New Franken
Scooterboarding records are:
Steve, longest jump 80"
Steve, highest jump 10"
Paul, longest pebble scrape 461/2"
The record for the most weight in a tree, goes to Steve C, Mike G, J Herger, Kevin H, Vily X, Trent B, Trents Girl Friend, Bin Dogg, Belch,
Jon D, Mike M, Victor K, Long Y, and Ryan P getting about 2000 lbs in the NF Tree. This beating the old record of  600 lbs by 1400 lbs.
The current record for fastest time beating original mario goes to Steve with a time of 6 minutes and 52 seconds, beating the old record (held by
Corey, 7 min. 4 sec.)
The only NF'er to beat Contra and Super C without using a code, cheat, or continue: Steve