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Updated 6/20/06

"New Franken" the show has arrived! check it out

Welcome to the only site completely devoted to the greatest town in the world, NEW FRANKEN. A site built to spread the greatness of NEW FRANKEN to the world.
"I know it's amazing but some people come to this site which is updated just about every year it seems like, and they tell me to grow up, people you must realize you have the rest of your lives to grow old and overwork and be stressed out, enjoy youth while you can, and don't let it go to waste."

NF Tree

The New Franken War
New Franken lies in peace today, but these two are still working hard to ensure the safety of NF

NF Pool team
Click here to learn more about the NF pool team who is winning worldwide recognition (for rocking)

Click to see the NEW FRANKEN SHOW!

The Rave
Click here to read all about the infamous NF RAVE

NF Clouds
click the picture to see some great NF snapshots

Are you bored right now, well explore the NF site, there is lots to see, and even more to learn. But I know some of you are saying, but I have already explored the NF site, I have seen it all. Well you should come take the NF TOUR. Yes! The NF TOUR, call up Mike or Steve or Email NF here, we can guarentee entertainment, try spending a day like an NFer. If all else fails try an IM  to jigs529 or HarvWallbanger

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