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NF Government

The Council

New Franken uptown, an area of continuous growth

NF uptowns main point of interest is the Royal Scot Golf course, Royal Scot was once just split between the East and West. The East under the leadership of the Council and the West under the dictator Ben.
The East being lead by the council is currently waging a brutal war against bellevue. The West side is pledging to help the East in any way they can and is willing to go as far as to declaring war along with the East. Being the first time the two sides put aside their differences and united against a common enemy since the destruction of the Middle East.
The East is officially a democracy since the concil members have all been voted into office where all three have served one 4-year term and were all re-elected by their respective areas for second terms in 2004. Though the council makes most official decisions they do not get together enough to make every decision in New Franken, especially with a war going on. So the council has appointed various NFers to positions of power. These positions of power include ordinary citizens that have been voted to represent their respective areas in a New Franken Senate.
-Steve acts as Commander and Chief when the council is not in session.
-Mike serves as General to the New Franken Army, making most of the war-time decisions
-Corey serves as head of the New Franken Senate, where he works with the everyday citizens of New Franken.

Ben, the ruler of the West side, promises to bring the citizens of the West side to come around to democracy and the ways of the East Side. After taking power in a brilliant military struggle (many think he was aided by the Council) Ben has taken favor with the East side by pledging to help them defeat Bellevue in any way he can.