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Alright, right now there are three ways to see "New Franken" the show:

1. Click this link and see a low quality version of the episode on our other website

2. Go to and search "New Franken"... you will find a pretty good quality version of the episode (extremely recommended)

Here are straight links to the 3 parts:

"Scooterboard Competition" episode one - Part one

episode one - Part two

episode one - Part Three

3. Come to New Franken and see the video on a real TV at Mike or Steve's house... that or order a DVD copy of the first episode and the upcoming ones


Alright... so the cut scenes on the first episode are pretty crappy and we can't light worth shit, but there it is and is actually the length of a real television show (completely unintended). Though i must say i love the intro, and i promise the next episode will be wildly improved (if there is one)

6:00 Cartoons with Kids
7:00 Breakfast with Bins'
8:00 Fishing with Mike and Ben
9:00 Jammin' with Jeff
10:00 Building with Paul
11:00 Cooking with Steve
12:00 P.M Let's do Lunch with Justin
1:00 Pickin' up yo ho's wit' getto J
2:00 NFFA Football
4:00 Hunting with Mike and Ben
4:30 Movies with Mikey
6:00 NFCW
7:00 The NF news
8:00 Scooterboarding with the pros
9:30 Nightgames with NF'ers
10:30 Movies with Mikey
4:30 A.M. Scooby Doo
5:00 Rocko's Modern Life
5:30 Ren and Stimpy