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News from the warfront

All Quiet on the New Franken War Front

It appears that a quiet peace has reached New Franken in the past few months as citizens continue to rebuild and put the victorious Bellevue war behind them. With years of ongoing wars (and victories) with the Middle East, Green Bay, and Bellevue the citizens of New Franken have long been awaiting peaceful times. Threats in the Middle East have been completely moved out of the area and the area is now a thriving part of New Franken. Peaceful talks with Green Bay officials and New Franken's leaders continue and border disputes have been put to an end. Leadership of Bellevue has been taken up by a few New Franken loyal citizens and rebuilding is going well. Occupational forces only remain in Bellevue and are due home soon, now no longer soldiers but aides in rebuilding the homes and broken spirits of the Bellevue citizens, once ruled by a tyranical tribunal of evil.

Bellevue Surrendered but NF still has battles to fight
At a press conference today Steve talked much about what lies ahead for New Franken after the victory of the Bellevue war. After thanking soldiers and families of soldiers for the great sacrafices they made for the New Franken cause Steve went on to say that New Franken still has work to do to clean up New Franken and help the New Franken loyal Bellevue citizens rebuild their shattered lives. There seems to be no resistance to the New Franken presence in Bellevue as their former leaders have all fled into hiding. These leaders will be hunted down and prosecuted. But right now there are more important things to do, like searching former Bellevue headquarters for the New Franken sign, and tearing down the evil mark of the walmart that still remains in Bellevue. Yes much work still remains, but the truly hard part is over, no New Frankener should have to lose his life again, and peace and prosperity are just around the horizon. 12/16/05

In a completely unexpected move Bellevue leaders have surrendered and pulled all troops out of combat. Today New Franken leaders recieved and official declaration of surrender from Bellevue leaders. New Franken troops crossed into what remains of Bellevue and liberated New Franken sympothysing malnourished Bellevuian prisoners, troops described the prisoners as "in a desperate state of malnourishment." As sad as finding these abandoned Bellevuians was the other news of the day was joyous. Leaders Dan and Jon who were long thought to have dissapeared deep into the Bellevue Walmart have long fled Bellevue to unknown locations, the last known communications from the two were a letter left behind from Dan which read, "Dude this is NAT cool guys, I mean we are getting our asses kicked, not cool... but seriously you guys tried pretty hard, still not cool. I hate everyone of you cuz you're nat cul, nahat cuhool.... Signed Dan." New Franken leaders promise to bring these horrible war criminals to justice and the New Franken congress is already putting through a bill to punish war criminals of such a magnitude with capitol punishment. 12/10/05


Poor Leadership credited for large number of Bellevue deaths
According to captured Bellevue soldiers there is no actual leadership left in the Bellevue army. After spending much military funds on extravagant lifestyles the leaders of Bellevue were doing nothing to actually protect the Bellevue citizens. All actual wartime decisions were left to untrained underlings of the leaders. Millions of innocent Bellevuians died needlessly because of the cowardess of the Bellevue leaders who refused to surrender to the obvious superiority of the New Franken leaders and their army. New Franken will now take swift and decisive action to free the poor citizens of Bellevue.

Weakening of the Bellevue Front
The Bellevue front appears to be weakening, with the all out dissapearance of Jon and Dan there appears to be an udder lack of leadership in Bellevue. With General Mike on leave Corey and Steve have taken over leadership duties, pushing the NF troops onward. So little conflict is actually taking place within New Franken that most normal citizens go about their days without ever thinking about the war. The front has been pushed deep into Bellevue's previous boundaries that Bellevue is left with two main headquarters, the walmart, and the Fleet Farm. Rumors are circulating that the Fleet Farm is actually full of New Franken loyal citizens that are being held there as to not leak Bellevue secrets. 9/23/05

Signs of weakness along the Bellevue front
The Bellevue front has been weakened severly over the past few weeks and New Franken leaders expect a full surrender before the new year. Bellevue leaders so fear bombings that they have instituted a blackout policy, come nightfall all lights in Bellevue are ordered out to confuse New Franken Soldiers. But the strategy is scarcely working as the Germajo guards continue to sniff out scared Bellevue soldiers in the dark.


New Franken gives the Bellevue Walmart a New Franken salute
Since Walmart has pledged their corporate sponsership of the Bellevue war cause New Franken has placed Walmart on its Bellevue axis of evil. But the help of Walmart has gone farther than New Franken had expected, since Walmart is literally all over America. Walmart can also provide Bellevue with billions of dollars of cash and weapons. So New Franken lined up late on July 12th to give Walmart the New Franken war salute as an official declaration of war.


New Franken Enlists the help of a Troll
New Franken has officially enlisted the help of a Troll in guarding the New Franken bridges and waterways from Bellevue attacks. In his first night of service the troll captured 4 Bellevue soldiers trying to cross a bride over the Nashota river coming in from neutral New Denmark. New Franken say they enlisted his help because he is totally loyal to the New Franken leaders having met and befriended the great hunter Ben in the woods many years ago.


Hearty NF troops train on for invasion
NF invasion forces continue training, these particular NF troops are focusing on preparing for invasion by water. Superior officers decided to let the troops have a little fun by making a game of late night training. By bringing in a dunk tank for some late night throwing and swimming practice. Troop spirits are higher than ever.


Bellevue Birds rain down terror
The effects of a second and third wave of birds are being felt by New Franken. The birds are being easily defeated but have caused more than enough trouble. The birds usually dive bomb and aim their attacks at car windshields, causing the drivers to lose vision and in some cases control of their vehicles. They have already blocked several satelllite television recievers and have cause 15 known car accidents.


The New Franken Special Commandos have begun an invasion on Bellevue through their waters. This picture was taken by a Bellevue citizen as the Commandos made their way through the civilian's pool.


Bellevue Controls the Birds?
On June 18th 2005 New Franken was attacked by thousands of Blackbirds, aiming their attack on the civilian homes of Enforcer Corey and General Mike. New Franken intelligence had long been looking into Bellevue's dealings with the evil blackbirds that have been attacking NF civilians for years. Though the birds were persistant fighters there were no casualties on the New Franken side. This promted the NF council to release this statement: "Blackbirds?? seriously??"

Germajo soldiers join the fight
The Germajo nation has now joined New Franken's coalition of the willing and has promised samurai swordsmen to help fight for the New Franken cause. The Germajo's are not only strong and stealthy but trained in the ways of genocide.


The Germajo Nation has promised to send its soldiers in to closely guard the Bellevue borders. They will also be using their stealth training to run recon missions into Bellevue. Here is a picture of one of the Germajo's questioning a Bellevue spy.

New Franken found the need to look for allies when Bellevue joined as allies with the league of Green Bay metro-sexuals, and is now being funded by Walmart. New Franken has gone as far as to put Bellevue, Walmart, and Metro-sexuals on it's "Axis of Evil". And is looking for a coalition of the willing to fight against these most evil of enemies. Bellevue is now launching a base of attack out of it's very own Walmart but are having trouble getting the metros to meet inside of a Walmart due to the lack of "trendy" clothing.


Since Bellevue has declared their status as proud supporter of Walmart and ther other way around Bellevue has now chosen this as their new logo. T-shirts are bumper stickers are available in Walmart stores nationwide. With the addition of the biggest corporation in the world to the Bellevue ranks the war has gained worldwide coverage and will make Bellevue a much stronger enemy. But at what cost? News coverage around the world is wondering "Why have the Bellevue leaders sold their former innocence for pure evil?"