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The New Franken Race

The Annual New Franken Fire 1-3-5 mile Run/Walk takes place the first week of August every year. Last year was its second year and the event was an even bigger success than the year before with hundreds of run/walkers showing up for the cause. The event is sponsored by numerous local businesses, and starts at the the New Franken Stein. All profits from the race go to the New Franken Fire Department, so far profits have gone towards the purchase of a jaws of life and a self-contained breathing apparatus.

The races of 2004 were all won by New Franken runners. The three mile run was won by Victor Baenen in 17:20, with Mike Gigot 2nd in 17:23, and Casey Bins in 3rd with 17:35. The five mile was won by Zach Zellner in a time of 29:30, with Ryan Meleziva in 2nd with a time of 30:30.

Hill Riding: If something has wheels, damnit, we will take it down a hill, why?? because we can, and because it's fun, if it can go down it will. 

Hill Riding

The NFCW - Well the NFCW is gone for good, but it could be coming back some day, and there are always the tapes. Everyone will always remember the NFCW for being the greatest sports entertainment show in the history of television.




BLUE BALL!!!!!!!!
We have found the greatest play instrument of all time, the BLUE BALL!!!!!!! when you say the words BLUE BALL!!! you have to scream it, or BLUE BALL!!!!! will not cooperate with you. So many new sports have come out of the discovery of BLUE BALL!!!!!! I can't even begin to explain them.
Snowterboarding is more or less Scooterboarding but with snow. talk an eveyday snowboard and a handle and you have created a winter masterpeice.
The main showing of basketball skills in NF are showcased in the NF Dunkfest, come check out the DunkFest 2006.

Extreme New Franken Pool Team
The road to take down Bellevue in combat and pool

The NF Pool Team

<-------- The newest NF sport is the cat chase, it's more or less the most simple game ever, find a cat and chase it. There's really not much more to say.