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The West Side

These are the opinions of Ben, the ruler of the West Side of NF:

New Franken, the beloved land that god has administered a loving relationship with.  this area is begining to be developed, this should not come as a surprise to you if you are reading this.  This world will always to be developed, history calls it manifeset destiny.  There is no way to stop this action, you can only control how it is developed. This world only evolves to were it is becuse we allow it to.  keep this in mind
Now onto furthur buisness, i ask you when was the last time that people in New Franken were involved in a gathering to mingle together and discuss things that are important to New Franken people, like techno, tasty frozen treats and other things.
Steve-when are we going to sleep in your garage together, call me. To those who think that we are gay, this is  none of your buisness.
in my finishing thoughts i say to you- blue, yellow, tuna, root bear, testicles

December 10th 2005
We obviously aren't in the war anymore since the war is over... also we never update because well we're the west side, noone really likes us all that much. We're really sort of a token, well I digress so you can get on your way and visit the more interesting pages...

June 20th, 2005
We have joined the war.

March 28, 2005
There has been an injustice, like one of that with no meaning or reason of that but only to anger and discriminate.  A quick slash to the neck of the New Franken nation, a murderous strike to the soul of our people.  A demoralizing plot, that of which has failed, a deathly strike which only made us stronger, smarter and more focused toward our cause and niche in life.  The evil power which attempts to kill us is the administration behind Preble.  Only few may have the direct finger pointed at there body, however are not all to blame?  Combined could they not turn down the ill-witted decision of one?  For this the enemy of our state is the mass, a mass which has become aware of our cause, and turned it down indescriminatly.  Such a hate of this magnitude has only exsisted once before.  The fierce genocide of the Hewbrew faith within the thrid reich's powerful territory.  Hating without a clear reason, turing a mass population's feelings of hatred toward one nation, one faith.  Is this what has become of our position in life, a shunned out population.  A group that a higher power has tried to eliminate.  Such a crime can not be accepted. We must fight against this hostile movement.  We must rally and prove the higher powers wrong.  To hold a rebellion that will put in an uncomfrotable position.  To show them what they have done to us all of our life. To take control of a situation that has been devised and construsted in a manner to destroy our dreams and goals.  We must pull ourselves together and create a nation of strong people, to turn there idea against themselves.  This is how i feel and position this message toward you.  It doesn't happen often, but sometime's the hens kill the fox when it enters the hen house, this is our time to make a stand, and if we pass this up we may never be able to accomplise anything of menaing in the future.  We have let the facist school power rule for to long with out caring about its students. 
On a separate note we need a rave to destroy the old records set by that of the past.  A rave that bands people together under a joyful cause.  Steve this is your opertunity, pitter patter have at her.

April 30, 2004

People this is what I do, crap, and so big I need to stand up to get off the toilet.  Now what to write, that Barbra Walters on 20/20 is wierd, how can she go to sleep at night.  All she does is make fun of people and then try to comfrot them that their leg is falling off.  Holy moses that bugs me.  That and the View. Who could pitch that idea and be right in the head.  Lets get a bunch of people to represnt any nationality and type to talk about stuff.  Ok, so we got a asian girl, some white chick, an aferican american who is large and wishing to be in charge.  Then no matter what we talk about is twisted into racism or discrimination.  One of the many things that make me mad, that and school.  Why go if we will forget half of it later, instead of gym class let's have one's that will teach us not to beat our wife's later.  But then all people on earth will get fat because they will lose excercise.  The new american plan, no one left behind unless we can't drag you out on a truck.  ha ha that "whose line is it anyway" is funny, let's place some cooperate companies into this. Altoids will take over the world.   Now that this is done now onto more pressing matters.  The West Side, now whats goin on there.  I will bet bucks to dounuts that Iraq will be up and running before we are.  People of the west it is time for change, we may have been represented in the past well, but now it is time for change.  Times have changed, so people, we must also.  If things do not change we will be no better off than the Middle East.  Some one has to step  up and take charge, not just any one.  Some one with respect, toleration, and love for nothing. Cold hearted individual that wants whats best for the nation.  We got to punish some one, do it right so they don't do it again.  I'm not saying eye for an eye but mabey eye for a life.  Not that we will kill you, just make fun of you a lot.  But mabey i'm lying about all of this, mabey not.  Oh brain flash, another thing I hate, kids who coppy the Chapelle show.  Sure it's funny, but do you have to drop the n-bomb in everything you say.  If I hear someone say "I'm Rick James Bitch" 1 more time in the hall I will drop kick them in the face, and Mike agrees, with possibly his life.  Next thing you know the KKK is going to reorganize and we will go through history all over agian.  Well my hands don't hurt but i don't want you people to understand me, so tootles.