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New Franken

All you ever needed to know about Corey


Head of Senate, NF Councilman, and official NF enforcer
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150
Hobbies: Running, Football, Basketball, plain kicking ass
Favorite thing about NF: The RAVES!!! yes Corey is the king of the Rave, noone makes a party like New Franken's very own Corey
Also known as showtime in the NFCW, join him every morning as he hosts Breakfast with Bins. Corey also runs for the UWGB cross country team and was named to Esquire's list of the 25 sexiest men in America in 2005.


Also known as Bindog, Corey is New Franken's official "Enforcer" meaning mess with New Franken and you mess with THIS