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The Owners of the Video Game Kingdom located in East Town Mall


Name: Dave
Size: about 5'8"
Weight: about 145
Interests: gaming, collecting games, selling games, rocking your world, being a major pimp, wearing sexy t-shirts

Dave is yes, Dave. Dave owns more Nintendo games than you could count. Visit Dave anytime at East Town Mall in Green Bay, you can't miss the Video Game Kingdom as it is the best store in the mall. Mention you know the New Frankeners and you may get yourself quite the deal, even better since you're already getting a huge deal on the other game shops in town (I'm not lying here I actually shop at all of them). They are also the only shop in town to fix PS2's and other game systems.


Name: Jake
Size: Oh about 6'2" I'd say
Weight: Somewhere's round 200 I'd guess
Interests: Gaming, playing games, selling games, running a kick ass store with his older brother, being a sexy and single entrepeneur.

Jake was the hornet hunk of 2004, meaning that he was the sexiest hunk Green Bay Preble's class of 2004 had to offer, and it had alot of hunks to offer. Jake is also plain and simple the man, and if you go to the Video Game Kingdom you will find Jake or Dave there ready to help you with all your gaming needs, they are both equally well versed in all the things you don't know.