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NF Treat

This is some guy with freezies we found online
we have never met this guy, But he does look crazy, so why not share this craziness with all of you

Dubbed "The NF Treat" the freezie has become a favorite of all New Frankeners, it is good and a drink all frozen into one, my personal favorite is blue, Steve's is of course red
Of course the greatest cooking show on television is Cooking with Steve, starring Steve, obviously. Some of the things Steve has cooked include: Toast, Easy Mac, Popcorn, Pizza Pockets,  Frozen Waffles, Ice Cream cones (80's) made from mystery paste, and many more delicious dishes. The Cooking with Steve season premiere, featuring every kind of toast every made, plus some new inventions. Don't miss it because well it's toast, what true NFer doesn't love it??
Toast, Yeah Toast!!!, what can be said about toast, whoever thought of it was a genious, put bread in a toaster, it gets crispy, it becomes great. How can something so great, be so easy?? It's a mystery that will never be solved.